Featured Service: Resolving Water Well Problems and Complaint Investigations

In particular situations, water well(s) will encounter problems near industrial activity. Waterline Resources collects relevant background information and data from the water well(s) to resolve the cause of the problems. Groundwater wells are often completed in very harsh environments that may be corrosive to well casings, screens, pumps, and piping. Naturally elevated iron and sulphate in groundwater is common to certain shallow aquifers and can affect the performance of supply wells. Sulphate-reducing or iron-oxidizing bacteria can promote well-screen fouling if left untreated. Environmental agencies recommend regular-scheduled well maintenance such as shock-chlorination or more aggressiv

Waterline Featured in "Groundwater Canada" for its Regional Groundwater Management

Waterline's regional hydrogeology work with the Town of Gibsons has recently been featured in Groundwater Canada. This article describes how Waterline has helped the town protect its groundwater resources for future generations by assisting the town with regional aquifer mapping and subsequent management. “As with any asset, in order to manage it, you need to know what you’ve got. That mapping study certainly did that for us. It identified our vulnerabilities. Without one, you’d be flying a little bit blind,” Newman says. “I’m not saying you couldn’t do it, but it would be challenging.” #gibsons #groundwater #hydrogeology #aquifer

Welcome Michelle Taylor!

Michelle Taylor has been working with Waterline for a while now but we thought that we’d give her an official worldwide web welcome. Michelle has 20+ years of environmental consulting and industry experience. Welcome to the team, Michelle! #michelletaylor

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