Andrzej Slawinski with Waterline is Awarded the 2017 APEGA Outstanding Mentor Award

Waterline is excited to announce that Andrzej Slawinski has been awarded the Outstanding Mentor Award during the 2017 APEGA Summit Awards. Thank you Andrzej for being such a wonderful mentor to us all! From the 2017 APEGA Summit Awards program: "Although many accomplished leaders volunteer in formal mentoring programs, for a select few, inspiring and guiding other is innate. Dr. Andrzej Slawinski, P.Geol., is one of those natural-born mentors who selflessly shares knowledge and time to help others succeed. Chief Technical Officer at Waterline Resources Inc., Dr. Slawinski has more than five decades of experience in geology. Born in Poland, he completed his PhD in hydrogeology in 1977 at Wars

Watershed Scale Aquifer Mapping and Groundwater Management

Introduction Groundwater resource management is critical to protecting drinking water resources. Through understanding groundwater on a regional scale (e.g., watershed or sub-watershed scale), informed decisions can be made about the management of groundwater resources and facilitate answering questions such as: Where are the major aquifers in the region? Where are the aquifer boundaries and what are its hydrogeologic properties? How do we make sure that groundwater use is sustainable and what is the long-term sustainable yield of aquifers? Where does groundwater come from and where does it go? How do groundwater and surface water interact? How vulnerable to contamination are aquifers in th

Featured Service: Downhole Camera Surveys

Waterline offers downhole camera services for a range of projects using the industry leading Well Vu camera. The camera can be used in open boreholes or monitoring wells with diameters as small as 2-inches, and depths up to 150 m. Field Data Collection Waterline’s downhole camera is durable, convenient and very simple to operate. Field personnel can quickly setup and run the camera down hole whenever it is needed. This allows for quick and informed decisions to be made in the field. The camera operates off a 12 volt battery enabling it to be used in remote locations with no access to power. Applications Waterline’s downhole camera can be used for a variety of field applications including: F

WaterTech 2017

Waterline is attending and presenting at WaterTech 2017. Presentations include Advanced Methods of Aquifer Analysis with Brent Morin and Blake Hiebert and Diagnosing and Minimizing the Effects of Water Well Partial Penetration with Joel Defoe and Steve Sturrock. #watertech #groundwater #aquifer

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