The Drought Resiliency of Groundwater in Alberta

Albertans are blessed with big skies and panoramic mountain views which are the envy of many around the world. However, being in the lee of the Rocky Mountains, we experience drought conditions, which vary by region, duration and severity. Southern Albertans typically rely of rivers to sustain our municipal, industrial, agricultural, recreational and residential water requirements. As such, southern Albertans are amongst those most impacted by droughts, and associated low river flow conditions. For example, in 2017 the Alberta government issued 40 water shortage advisories across Alberta, with some towns south of Calgary banning non-essential outdoor water use. For the Sheep and Highwood riv

Waterline's Kelowna Field Office is Open

Waterline is excited to announce that we have opened a field office in Kelowna, BC so that we can better service our Okanagan clients. #kelowna #hydrogeologyokanagan #waterwell #geothermalenergy #environmentalconsulting

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