Waterline Is Growing

To better service our client’s hydrogeology, environmental and information services needs, 2018 has seen an increase in staffing of approximately 10%. Our five new staff include Ashley Smibert, Allison Kendall, Megan Watt, Austin Green-Slade, and Ian Samson. Welcome aboard to all of the new Waterline employees! #waterlinehydrogeology #environmentalconsulting #environmentaltechnology

New Alberta SAGD Regulations for Groundwater

On June 1, 2018, the Alberta Government released a directive entitled the Assessment of Thermally-Mobilized Constituents in Groundwater for Thermal In Situ Operations, such as arsenic. The Directive was developed to identify and address potential adverse impacts to groundwater, and nearby receptors, as may be related to in-situ thermal operations (e.g., SAGD). The Directive requires site-specific baseline groundwater monitoring and characterization in aquifers near applicable well pads. Future monitoring is also required at down-gradient locations. Specific time-frames to initiate and complete ongoing groundwater monitoring and reporting are also specified. For existing (approved) projects,

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