Waterline Attends the ReDeveLop Conference in Calgary

This week saw the start of the amazing ReDeveLoP 2019 conference in downtown Calgary. For those of you unfamiliar with ReDeveLoP, it stands for Responsible Development of Low-Permeability Hydrocarbon Resources. ReDeveLoP is a recent government-funded student training program, led by Dr. David Eaton (Geoscience Department, University of Calgary). Other academic partners include the University of Alberta, Toronto, Waterloo and Western Ontario. Dr. Tom O'Neill (UofC Industrial-Occupational Psychology) leads the student training in communication and conflict management. ReDeveLoP focuses on training young researchers in the responsible development of unconventional O&G resources. Each year ReDev

Do I need to apply for a BC Groundwater Licence?

Step 1: Is my water for domestic or non-domestic use? Do I need to license my groundwater use? Domestic use does not need to be licensed. To determine if you meet the criteria of a domestic user please see the list of definitions in the Water Sustainability Act. Step 2: Am I an existing groundwater user or a new groundwater user? Existing groundwater users are determined based on the first date of water use. Did you start using water before March 1, 2016 or after? Find more information on the government website about existing and new users. Step 3: I am a Non-Domestic user so how do I license my (New or Existing) groundwater use? You will need to assemble information about your groundwater u

Alberta Oil and Gas Industry Water Use: Less than You’d Think

Have you ever wondered how much of our groundwater is being allocated and used to recover oil, gas, and oil sands resources in Alberta? Oil and gas “companies are using far less water than what is allocated to them. For example, in 2017, the energy industry only used about 25 per cent (260 million cubic metres) of what was allocated to them (about 1 billion cubic metres). That’s less than 0.18 per cent of all the nonsaline water available in Alberta.” Learn more: #environmentalconsulting #groundwater #hydrogeology #groundwatermanagement

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