Domestic Well Testing

Rural landowners depend on groundwater resources for their drinking water and agricultural operations. Consequently, activities that could potentially negatively affect groundwater resources is subject to public scrutiny and debate. Whether perception or reality, the burden of proof tends to lie with the project proponents for hydraulic fracturing, seismic, housing, sand and gravel, pipeline, and coal-bed methane developments. Pre- and post-development testing of the quality and quantity of water supplies: Demonstrates that project proponents are committed to the community; Protects proponents and landowners alike by using scientific data to make informed decisions; Provides an opportunity f

Sampling Day with Queen Elizabeth School

Waterline was excited to be part of the team that designed, organized, and volunteered at Queen Elizabeth School to enhance their environmental education program for grade 9 students. The program used the Canada Creosote site in Calgary as a way to engage students and included a field trip where students got to collect water samples from the Bow River with "real scientists", as well as a laboratory component at the school. Thank you to all of our collaborators (AGAT for donating their time to analyze samples, the University of Calgary, the Galileo Educational Network, and Queen Elizabeth school)

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