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Waterline Resources is proud to welcome Judy Harvie to our growing family.

Judy joined our team in late 2019 as our Inclusion Liaison to strengthen our focus on assisting Indigenous communities in building and or maintaining safe, reliable and sustainable water resources.

Judy Harvie is a Metis Canadian trained emergency services instructor with over 20 years of experience in emergency and fire services. She has worked with Lakeland College, the Alberta Fire Commissioner’s office, and the City of Calgary. Judy completed training in NFPA 1001 level 2, NFPA 1031 level 1 & 2, and NFPA 1041 level 2.

Her experience, along with her extensive networking capabilities, allowed the City of Calgary to approach and assist Indigenous communities with fire and life safety education. In her work as a Fire Safety Officer/Indigenous Liaison, Judy worked towards helping Indigenous communities in Alberta to improve all aspects of fire and life safety activities. With her cultural background and experience, the Calgary Fire Department developed a “grass roots” program that was twice a finalist in the Premier’s Awards of Distinction for work with Indigenous communities across Alberta.

With Judy’s guidance Waterline will work with Indigenous communities to ensure they have access to safe, reliable and sustainable water resources for current and future generations. Fundamental to this approach is knowledge transfer and building local capacity on a community by community basis.

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