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EnviroWeb Services

Complete Integration. Complete Accessibility. Complete Experience.

EWS Applications

Waterline's proprietary, on-line data management and mapping applications allow our team and clients to rapidly analyze and interpret environmental, hydrogeological and project data


Automation + Expertise 

Waterline has automated routine data compilation and reporting tasks, allowing our experts to focus on our strength: providing meaningful interpretations, conclusions and recommendations

Featured Capabilities

  • Geospatial mapping with hundreds of core layers in our service area

  • Integrated regional and project data in one place

  • Automated routine interpretation and reporting tools

Computer with Graph

EWS applications have a wide variety of uses. At Waterline we most commonly use our web applications  for:

Drilling with 1 Worker.png

Groundwater Exploration

EWS allows us to target our exploration efforts on locations most likely to yield large volumes of groundwater based on publicly available regional water well information aquifer mapping, and surficial geology mapping

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