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Consulting Services

Waterline works with a broad range of clients and provides innovative environmental, water management, and data management strategies. We know that one solution cannot solve every problem, which is why we've equipped our team of experts with the environmental industry’s best on-the-job training and information management tools, which allow Waterline staff to complete each project in a technically excellent, efficient and cost effective manner.

Water Resources

We can help you plan, manage, and budget for water-related work to ensure you achieve water requirements for your project. Our team and affiliates will assist in the identification and development of an appropriate water source to meet your project objectives. Our services include:
Water Sustainability Act (BC

• Water Act (AB) licensing and permitting

Water Well Complaint Investigations 

Baseline Water Well Testing

Groundwater Exploration and Development

• Water Supply Maintenance Management

Aquifer Mapping and Management
• Alternative Water Source Assessments (e.g., saline and non-saline groundwater, surface water, etc.)

Wetland Hydrogeology

• Dewatering/Depressurization Studies

Aggregate Exploration and Permitting
• Groundwater Modeling

• Regulatory Liaison and Expert Testimony

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Environmental Compliance

Ensuring environmental compliance and demonstrating due diligence is more than just a checklist. We provide a full suite of environmental assessment services to keep you in compliance with regulations. Our services include:

• Soil Monitoring Program Proposals and Soil Monitoring Programs

• Soil Management Programs

• Air Monitoring Directive Soil Monitoring and Management

• Thermal Monitoring

• Groundwater Monitoring Program Proposals and Sampling

• Groundwater Optimization Reviews

• Water Use Reporting and Data Management

• Spill Response Technical Support

• Site-Specific Guideline Development

• Remediation Action Plans

• Risk Management and Exposure Control Programs

• Industrial Wastewater Tracking and Reporting

• Site Specific Liability Assessments

• Site Approval Renewals and Amendments

Impacted Sites

Management and Closure

Our team of soil and groundwater experts have extensive experience and provide a full suite of environmental assessment and remediation services to help guide clients through provincial and federal regulations and manage and/or achieve closure of environmental liabilities. Our services include: 

• Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I & II ESAs)

• Groundwater monitoring and sampling

• Soil Vapour Assessment

• Remediation Action Plans

• Risk Management and Exposure Control Programs

• Site-Specific Guideline Development

• Field Wide Risk Assessment and Site-Specific Risk Assessment

• Groundwater Modelling and Aquifer Mapping

• Conceptual Site Model Development

• 3D Visualizations

• Soil and Groundwater Remediation

• Remediation Certificates and Tier 2 Compliance Letters

• Gas Migration Assessments

• Regulatory Liason and Expert Testimony

• Site Specific and Corporate Liability Assessments

Impacted Sites Management and Closure
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Reclamation and Restoration Planning and Closure

We can help you plan, manage, and budget reclamation programs to ensure timely closure is achieved in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our team of soil scientists and reclamation practioners have decades of experience across Western Canada and can help you navigate provincial regulations and/or achieve closure of environmental liabilities. Our services include:

• Portfolio and Project Management Expertise
Conservation and Reclamation Plans

• Pre-Disturbance Assessments

• Pre-Reclamation Assessments
• Reclamation Planning and Execution

• Post Construction Reclamation Assessments

• Vegetation Assessments and Detailed Site Assessments

• Habitat Restoration

• Linear De-Activation

• Constructed Wetlands Reclamation

• Reclamation Certificates

• Regulatory Liason and Expert Testimony

Web Apps and


Waterline uses a proprietary web application to organize, visualize and automate environmental and hydrogeology data collection, interpretation, and reporting. Data-driven mapping and reporting workflows allow for greater accuracy and increased efficiency in generating deliverables. Our services include:


• Geospatial Web Solutions

• Conceptual Site Model Visualization (2D/3D)

• Environmental Risk Ranking Tool

• Environmental Advisor/Client Project Management Web App

• Customized GIS Applications & Development

Automated Water Supply Maintenance Management
• Automated Reporting and Regulatory Submissions

• Drone Imagery and Data Collection

• Data Management Solutions

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Equipment and Testing Services

Environmental and water resource projects require specialized monitoring and testing equipment. We have the required tools and trained staff to support your project needs.

• Pumping test rigs & pumps
Downhole camera surveys

Downhole geophysical logging

• Data logger systems installation & maintenance
• Specialized equipment for gas, water & soil sampling

Water Resources
Environmental Compliance
Web Apps and Technology
Equipment and Testing Services
Impacted Site Management and Closure
Reclamation and Restoration Planning and Closure
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