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Waterline has the experience and technology to help you achieve environmental compliance and water security. From environmental consulting and hydrogeology to soil and groundwater monitoring and remediation, we provide straight-forward and understandable solutions so your team can make informed decisions.

Waterline works with a broad range of clients and provides innovative environmental, water management, and data management services. We know that one solution cannot solve every problem, which is why we've equipped our team of experts with the environmental industry’s best on-the-job training and data management tools, which allow Waterline staff to complete each project in a technically excellent, efficient and cost effective manner.

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Water Resources

We help you plan, manage, and budget for water-related work to ensure you achieve water and energy security for your project. Our team and affiliates will assist in the identification, development and monitoring of an appropriate resource to meet your project objectives.

Earth and Environmental

Ensuring environmental compliance and demonstrating due diligence is more than just a checklist. Waterline provides innovative, efficient solutions for all of your environmental needs, from soil and water monitoring and remediation to site-specific guideline development and risk assessments.


Information Services

Our in-house environmental web apps has automated routine tasks and enhanced interpretive abilities, empowering our staff and clients to efficiently analyze and interpret environmental, hydrogeology, and project management data.

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Equipment and Testing

Our in-house pumping test rigs, downhole geophysical tools, downhole camera and specialized soil, groundwater, and gas sampling equipment get the job done.

BC Water Sustainability Act

From helping you determine what the Water Sustainability Act means to ensuring you meet the regulatory requirements for your water well(s), Waterline has the expertise to ensure that that you remain in compliance.

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