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Featured Service: Resolving Water Well Problems and Complaint Investigations

In particular situations, water well(s) will encounter problems near industrial activity. Waterline Resources collects relevant background information and data from the water well(s) to resolve the cause of the problems.

Groundwater wells are often completed in very harsh environments that may be corrosive to well casings, screens, pumps, and piping. Naturally elevated iron and sulphate in groundwater is common to certain shallow aquifers and can affect the performance of supply wells. Sulphate-reducing or iron-oxidizing bacteria can promote well-screen fouling if left untreated.

Environmental agencies recommend regular-scheduled well maintenance such as shock-chlorination or more aggressive acid treatments if calcium encrustation is present. Water wells constructed with steel casing typically exhibit a shorter life than wells completed with PVC casing.

Waterline is a proponent of public education and has knowledgeable field staff and the necessary water sampling and testing equipment (e.g., downhole camera) to understand issues relating to water well operation and failures.

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