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Featured Service: Groundwater Supply for Municipal, Industrial, Agricultural, and Residential Client

Groundwater Supply

Groundwater development and aquifer management studies are a major focus of the hydrogeological services that Waterline Resources Inc. provides to its clients. Waterline’s success in developing reliable and sustainable water supplies lies in our ability to effectively evaluate site specific geological and hydrogeological conditions, and to apply drilling and water well construction technologies suitable for those conditions. The assessment of drilling technologies and the use of experienced drilling contractors is essential for the completion of high quality water wells.

Groundwater Licensing in Alberta and BC

Groundwater supplies must be licensed under the Water Act in Alberta and the Water Sustainability Act in BC. Part of the conditions within the Water Act in Alberta for a groundwater licence is to have a qualified geologist or engineer analyze the regional and local conditions, aquifer performance, and water quality. Waterline has a dedicated team of experts in BC that support clients across BC with groundwater licencing, which was introduced in 2016. Waterline creates customized programs that are specific to your needs in order to ensure that the regulatory requirements are met.

Understanding the Regulatory Environment

The success of these projects also relies on Waterline’s knowledge of the regulatory framework. From a technical perspective, the geological and engineering skills required to develop groundwater supplies is similar for municipal, industrial, agricultural and residential projects. The regulatory framework, however, differs greatly and can be quite complex and laborious for the uninitiated. Waterline provides a comprehensive service commensurate with federal, provincial and municipal environmental regulations, as well as with sensitive issues related to landownership.

Groundwater Resource and Development

Waterline provides the following services for water supply projects:

  • Water well permitting and licensing;

  • Turnkey project management;

  • Search of geological and hydrogeological databases;

  • Site reconnaissance survey;

  • Client/regulatory/landowner liaison and mediation;

  • Water well contractor tendering and selection;

  • Well-site supervision of drilling and well construction, development and aquifer testing;

  • Groundwater modelling and watershed/aquifer management evaluations;

  • Public consultation and expert witness;

  • Borehole database search; water well and oil and gas wells; and

  • Aerial Photograph Interpretation.

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