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A Busy Month for Waterline Presentations

Jamie Wills, President of Waterline, and Michelle Taylor, Associate Engineer at Waterline have had a busy month presenting our technical expertise to a wide audience.

Jamie Wills presented Past and Future Hydrogeology Applications in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin for the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists, as well as a follow-up presentation to earth science graduate students and faculty at the University of Calgary. These presentations focused on the fundamental importance of hydrogeology and water resources to all sectors of the Alberta economy. It also highlighted the evolving role that government, academia, industry and consulting must play to ensure that Alberta’s water resources are sustainably managed for current and future generations.

Michelle Taylor is presenting this afternoon at Exova Tech Talks about the importance of water supply maintenance. Waterline has tested 1000s of water supplies and has assisted with maintaining 100s of water supplies since the company’s inception in 2000. During these decades of experience, Waterline has often encountered industrial and domestic users of potable and non-potable water supplies that are not maintained, leaving themselves and their visitors at risk. Individual domestic water users can easily manage their water supplies using publicly available information, such as the Alberta Government “Water Wells That Last” guidance, but managing water supply risk for hundreds of industry water supplies can be a daunting task. A case study will be reviewed that outlines a data-driven compliance and maintenance program that Waterline has developed to assist Waterline’s client with maintaining 100s of water supplies.

Jamie Wills

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