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AEP Update to Wildlife Sweep Protocols

Alberta Environment and Parks just released an update to the Master Schedule of Standards and Conditions (MSSC), which formalize the requirements for construction activities on public lands. A key update is the requirement to follow the Wildlife Sweep Protocols, which includes retaining a competent wildlife practitioner to complete a sweep of the disturbance area plus a 100 m surrounding area for wildlife habitat. Hiring a competent wildlife practitioner to complete a Wildlife Sweep is the responsibility of the Disposition/Permit Holder. If an important wildlife feature is disturbed or destroyed because the sweep was inadequate or was not completed at all, an investigation and enforcement under the Wildlife Act or Public Lands Act could occur. Depending on the area or the nature of the disruption to wildlife, federal regulations may also apply. Waterline recommends engaging with a Professional or Technologist registered with the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists (ASPB) or the Alberta Institute of Agrology (AIA) to ensure appropriate precautions and mitigations are in place for the planned construction activity.

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