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Biophysical Services and Environmental Compliance

At Waterline, we offer specialist services in the biophysical technical disciplines, environmental due diligence and compliance. Our senior practitioners lead project teams of natural scientists and draw on our strong network of trusted subconsultants to deliver cost effective, technically excellent solutions.

Reclamation, Conservation and Closure Planning: Waterline conducts reclamation, conservation and closure planning regulatory applications, and mine reclamation security liability assessment in British Columbia and Alberta. Our expertise also includes materials volume estimates, closure landform design, post-closure end land use planning, planting

prescriptions, and project management.

Soil and Reclamation Assessment: Waterline has specialist expertise in soil science and small to large scale postconstruction reclamation assessment (PCRA) throughout western Canada. Our expertise includes soil quality assessment for forestry, agriculture, recreation and urban

developments, as well as soil erosion assessment using the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) and determination of soil water characteristics. Our team conducts soil and terrain baseline inventories, environmental impact assessments, and reclamation certificate applications, and subject mater expert services.

Wetlands: Waterline's biophysical services include wetland impact assessment reports (WAIR) and associated Wetland Policy filings under the Alberta Water Act and Public Lands Act. Waterline works with its clients to wetland replacement proposals and calculate the wetland replacement cost liability for their projects.

Construction Environmental Monitoring: Waterline, in collaboration with its trusted network of subconsultant environmental monitors and inspectors, performs on-site monitoring services for in-stream hydrology and watercourse crossing assessment, turbidity monitoring during construction, soil conservation (soil salvage and replacement) monitoring, and wildlife/breeding bird behavior monitoring during construction. Our senior soil and reclamation scientist, Collen Middleton (P.Biol, RT (Ag)) has over 15 years of experience in soil science, environmental impact assessments (EIAs), construction environmental monitoring, wetlands, regulatory approvals and compliance

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