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Congratulations On 15 Years With Waterline.

This week marks Brent Morin's 15-year anniversary with Waterline. Brent is not only a Senior Hydrogeologist with us, he is also a professional geologist and project manager.

Over the years, Brent has been directly engaged with many of Waterline’s key clients across the Oil Sands, Upstream and Midstream Oil & Gas, and Mining sectors including Indigenous stakeholders.

Brent's colleagues would describe him as friendly, considerate and hard working, as he always goes the extra mile to ensure projects are completed to a high standard. We look forward to working with Brent for years to come.

Waterline’s President and founding partner, Steve Foley, particularly feels privileged to have watched Brent’s family grow over the last 15 years; investing heavily in cookie dough to advance his daughter’s dance career.



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