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Environmental Monitoring & Sampling

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

A considerable number of Waterline’s clients use our monitoring and sampling expertise to fulfill regulatory monitoring obligations. Waterline has coordinated and completed over a thousand environmental monitoring programs to meet site regulatory compliance objectives over twenty years of operation.


Groundwater Level Monitoring: Waterline routinely installs and collects data using a wide range of groundwater level and monitoring equipment.

Groundwater Sampling: Waterline uses a variety of sampling methods, including low-flow sampling techniques with peristaltic or submersible pumps.

Surface Water Sampling: Waterline conducts surface water sampling programs for regulatory compliance and reporting and to assess groundwater - surface water interactions.

Quality Assurance Quality Control: Data collected from field programs must be of high quality to allow for defensible and meaningful interpretations. Waterline’s sampling protocols conform to the most stringent regulatory QA/QC requirements in British Columbia and Alberta.

Database Management: All monitoring and sampling data is stored in our proprietary web-based database EnviroWeb Services (EWS). Our system allows for easy online access to all of your project data, and provides the assurance that the data is retained an accessible location.

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