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Mines and Groundwater Licensing Requirements in BC

Waterline outlines how British Columbia’s Water Sustainability Act (WSA), impacts mines in BC. Information in this video is based on the BC provincial government's Information Update for the diversion and use of water at a mine under the WSA:

The provincial government has a guidance document that informs applicants about whether a technical assessment is required to support their new use groundwater licence application, and if so, the appropriate level of detail required:

Waterline can help mines with the requirements of the technical assessment including desktop based studies and specific field-based testing procedures. Waterline recommends considering the WSA authorization requirements as early as possible. Proposed mine projects that have not yet commenced review under the Mines Act or Environmental Management Act, or are in the early stages of the review process, will need to address the WSA requirements during the review and permitting processes, including any applications for a water licence or use approval that are necessary.

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