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Ownership Expansion Announcement

Waterline is excited to announce the evolution and expansion of ownership in the company. Since the three founders, Steve Foley, Darren David, and Jamie Wills started Waterline in 2000, it was always their goal to expand ownership to the employees. In 2010, Eric Pringle and Andrzej Slawinski became the first shareholders outside the founders group. Although Andrzej has recently reduced his role as a Technical Director, Eric has become a Principal leader and a primary shareholder in the corporation. In 2019 and 2020, twelve senior members of the company joined the ownership group, and this week, an additional thirteen staff will also join that group.

“As a founder, I am extremely proud of the contribution and development of our staff throughout the history of Waterline, and I consider the transition in ownership to employees that have been essential to our success as our greatest accomplishment.” Steve Foley, President and Principal Hydrogeologist.

Waterline is a mid-sized hydrogeology and environmental consulting firm built on the foundation of physical and contaminant hydrogeology expertise operating in Western Canada. Our team of highly qualified geoscientists, soil and reclamation scientists, and engineers are industry leaders in providing environmental consulting services and regulatory support.



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