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Water Exploration and Sourcing

Having a sustainable water supply often determines whether a project will be successful and is integral to its long-term success.

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Waterline ensures that water supplies can be sustainably developed to meet project needs and is an active, trusted service provider for projects that need to navigate the regulatory requirements for licensing and developing water across western Canada and the Northwest Territories.

Expert Advice, Expert Recommendations

Using the collective experience of one of the largest, most experienced hydrogeology groups in Western Canada, Waterline knows how to run efficient field programs,optimize activities, and make smart recommendations that satisfy regulatory requirements.

The Waterline Advantage

  • Proven Track Record: Waterline has a proven track record amongst our clients and regulators alike and knows when to efficiently scale up or down both field and office programs

  • Find Answers Quickly: Waterline uses our in-house web GIS application to seamlessly analyze complex datasets to uncover optimal areas for water development

  • Regional-Scale Understanding: Waterline often uses a regional-scale understanding of the hydrogeological system to identify prospective water sources at one location or regionally, as required

  • Efficient Field Execution: Waterline has dedicated field hydrogeologists, in-house pumps and downhole geophysical equipment and we are regularly able to realize cost-savings for our clients through our expertise and approach

  • Maximized Yields: Waterline knows how to design and develop water source strategies that will sustainably optimize yields (e.g., drilling technologies, water well screen designs, accurate geological logging and sieve analysis, etc.)

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